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Buy a kit and 'Pass it on'! Our new campaign to help stop money being a barrier to sport

We want to help as many people as possible get the physical and mental well-being benefits from sport, but realise that there can be barriers in the way that some my not be aware of. This week we launched our brilliantly, well received sportswear and, in conjunction with our sports shoe exchange, you can now get fully kitted out for £50.

However, we know that this is still out of reach for some, so, we have launched our 'Pass it on' kit.

It is exactly the same high quality sports wear, designed and supplied by S66 Sportswear, that we sell in our shop, however, you are pledging to donate this kit to someone else in need. We will accept nominations for teams, charities, individuals or communities who may need kits to help people realise the benefits of sport and will distribute the kits accordingly. We will announce online anyone or any company who buys a 'Pass it on' kit (should you want us to).

If you are in a position to help head to and buy one of our 'Pass it on' Kits.

Thank you

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