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Feel free to add this QR code to your website, posters or any mental health or wellbeing communications. This will direct people straight to the Mindset Sport website when scanned by a phone
club member agreement.PNG
There is a change happening when it comes to people agreements, they are changing from massive documents to simple to understand and implement agreements. We have worked with experts to come up with this simple  club agreement.
Here are some template policies for you to look at and adapt for your own club if you don't already have something in place
teamed up.PNG
leads poster.PNG
Use this A4 poster on your site or in your club house to direct players to the right support
Use this A4 Poster to help direct players and parents to the right club resources
emergancy contact.PNG
This shows the main emergency contact numbers for someone in crisis. Put this everywhere
Some other information you may find useful
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