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Junior Soccer Match

From mental health to physical health, race to sex we have loads of resources for you and you teams to access. 

Young Man in Therapy

Do you need emergency support?

Mindset sport is not able to provide
1 to 1 support but you can find emergency support here

Apply for free MHFA training

We will be offering one club a month access to a free space on one of Mindset's MHFA England Mental Health First Aider course, either Adult or youth

Let us know who you are and please ensure you have checked the dates of our open courses via our partners booking site
Once you have a checked someone is free please fill in the details below
We will pick one team at random each month from those that apply


By applying we agree that we have checked the monthly dates and have a volunteer available for all and any dates in our chosen month. Failure to attend the course will mean that Mindset reserve the right to invoice the club for the equipment, resources and time at the standard individual rate of £250

Thanks for submitting!

Subsidised MHFA Training

If you have more then 5 people to train we can offer you a huge discount on MHFA England Mental health first aider training

Mindset Sport

We also offer our very own training designed to help support players, coaches and Parents in understanding mental health